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Wine tour “Magic Bononia”

Before we start, let us point out that this is not a classic tour as it never follows the same pattern. We called it Magic Bononia. We will take you to the places outside the tracks to some hidden corners of this spectacular mountain, all of them beautiful in its own way – the very reason why we want to unveil as many of then as possible to our guests. So, sit back and immerse yourself in these pleasant surprises!

We commence in Novi Sad crossing the bridge over mighty Danube. Our destination is central-western Fruška Gora, which is less frequently visited than other parts. Following B-roads through the colorful fields, orchards and dense forests before we  visit three of no less than sixteen Orthodox monasteries and convents located here. Admire their architecture and artwork but  also get the feel for Orthodox Christian spirituality and soak-in unique tranquillity of these sacred places.



Arrival in Banoštor.  Banostor village located on Fruska Gora Mt, over 100 years old engaged in the production of grapes and wines. There are also visits  local wineries that continue two-millennia old tradition of vine growing on Fruška Gora. Wine tasting of some excellent wines is included.

Lunch is served in a local restaurant or in winery, – traditional food and wine.

Winery Šijački, Banoštor

Winery Šijački, Banoštor

Last stop of our journey is in the village of Banoštor, on the banks of Danube. We visit Majkina radionica (“Grandma’s Workshop”), local women’s crafts cooperative dedicated to preserving traditions of local embroidery and sewing art. We inspect their amazing work, admire the handcrafts and original souvenirs, accompanied by snacks freshly made on site.

Return to Novi Sad.


Number of pasengers  Price per passengers
10 persons 55 €
20 persons 50 €
40 persons 45 €


Price includes:

  • Wine tasting in the Šijački winery
  • Lunch
  • Guide services
  • Costs of route organizing

Price does not include:

  • Transport
  • Individual costs

If you have some question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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